NAS Server


After using a plug-and-play QNAP T431 for six years, I ran out of available storage space. Instead of upgrading all four of my one terabyte hard drives just to leave them on the shelf collecting dust, I decided to build my own NAS with more bays. How many drive bays did I need? Well I have 12 additional drives laying around my apartment, so let’s use all of them in the new build for a grand total of 16 hard drives in a single NAS!


Cooler Master N400 NSE-400-KKN2 Computer Case

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Gigabyte X570 UD Rev 1.0 Motherboard

Chipset: AMD X570
Formfactor: ATX

AMD Ryzen 3 3100 CPU

Quad-Core 3.6 GHz Socket AM4 65W 100-100000284BOX Desktop Processor (no graphics)

Samsung 4GB DDR4 RAM (Quantity: 4)

2133MHz PC4-17000 1Rx8 288-Pin CL15 (P/N: M378A5143DB0-CPB)

PNY NVidia Quadro P400 V2 Dedicated GPU (dGPU)


RAID Controller

LSI SAS 9211-8i PCI Express to 6Gb/s Serial Attached SCSI (SAS) Host Bus Adapter


Power Supply Unit (PSU)

PowerSpec 650 Watt 80 Plus Bronze ATX Semi-Modular Power Supply




Catan 3D Game Tiles


Settlers of Catan is one of my favorite board-games and like most tabletop games, it’s constructed with laminated cardboard. While this is sufficient to play the game, I want to due it justice but handcrafting gorgeous hexagon tiles featuring miniature landscapes frozen in time with liquid resin.


Before I start, I need to understand how the Settlers of Catan board works. It’s composed of 19 hexagon land tiles encompassed by six interlocking ocean tiles. The land tiles do not interlock and come in six types: wood (4), brick (4), sheep (4), wheat (3), rocks (3), and sand (1). Respectively, each type is depicted in an image as a forest, clay mine, grassy field, wheat crop, mountain, and a desert. If you look closely, each tile of the same type is slightly different which is a nice attention to detail by the game designers.
(for more info:

Game PieceQuantityImageryShape
Logs (alias: wood)4forest / wooded areahexagon
Brick (alias: clay)4clay strip minehexagon
Sheep (alias: wool)4grassy fieldhexagon
Wheat3wheat crop fieldhexagon
Rocks3rocky mountainhexagon
Desert1sandy deserthexagon
Ocean6beach with oceanone edge of hexagon


Design hexagon tiles for each resource type using miniature woodland, mountains, and crops scenery.