Who am I?

Hello, I’m Elliot. I’m a professional dropout with industry experience doing software development.

I like to find problems and solve them. I’ve worked in industries from finance to food-and-beverage to defense-tech. In some of my earlier jobs, I’ve cleaned off popcorn stuck to movie theater seats and stacked hay in the middle of Big Sky Country.

My free time is filled with costume making, soldering, and reading. I am also available as a consultant for small businesses that need help managing and learning from customer sales data.




Hydro 9000

A device used to water five indoor potted plants by measuring the moisture level in the soil and automatically pumping water when it becomes too …

Ancient Egytian Pharaoh Costume

Homemade Ancient Egyptian Pharaoh costume built using hot glue, golden paint, and a lot of safety pins. The more golden accessories, the better the finished …

Automated Window Blinds

Retrofitted three window blinds with servo motors to control the pitch of the metal slats. Added a box with mechanical relays to control the AC …

Spidey Suit

Created a Spider-man costume over the course of a year to transform myself into Spidey for comic-con and other fun activities, such as running around …


Catan 3D Game Tiles

Settlers of Catan is one of my favorite board-games and like most tabletop games, it’s constructed with laminated cardboard. While this is sufficient to play …